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Get Ready for the Safari of a Lifetime

Published 4 months ago • 4 min read

Dear JourneyWoman,

With the war in Israel, many women have been asking about safe places to travel right now. JourneyWoman's Carolyn Ray has been in the Middle East for the past three weeks, and shares some thoughts in this article on things to consider when planning travel, including checking government safety advisories, registering before you travel, and buying comprehensive travel insurance.

One of the places that women recommend in the discussion on our private Facebook group is Africa. For many women, going on an African Safari is right at the top of their bucket lists. From the sweeping plains of the Serengeti to the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta, a safari can offer you a front-row seat to some of the world's most iconic and awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles.

This month, we're offering selected articles from our Women's Guide to Africa that offer tips on how to plan your dream safari for 2024, complete with firsthand insights from JourneyWoman writers and tour operators from our Women's Travel Directory. Several of these companies are also offering special, women-friendly African Safari tours for 2024. See the bottom of this email for more information.

Wherever you go, purchase travel insurance before you leave: our Booking Resources page has women-recommended websites to help you book and plan travel. Join our private Facebook group for tips, advice, and stories from fellow JourneyWomen.

When and Where to go For Your First Safari in Africa

Always settle for quality over quantity, even if you feel that you have only one opportunity for that African experience.

Africa for the Adventurous 80-Year Old Solo Woman

The good news is, YES, older travellers, a safari trip is entirely within your capabilities says our Women Over 80 writer, Diana Eden.

Six Safari Travel Tips to Plan Your Dream Safari in Tanzania

Laura Simpson, from Intent on Safari, shares her best travel tips to help you plan the perfect safari, without the stress.

How to Pack and Prepare for an African Safari

When packing for an African Safari, here are nine tips to help you prepare for a memorable experience.

Seven Life-Changing Wildlife and Adventure Tours for Women

Things to consider when looking for a wildlife experience or safari, including companies that conserve and protect wildlife, and also hire local women and reinvest in the community.

Have you been on an African Safari before? Share your tips to help other
JourneyWoman travellers who are planning their trips! Submit your tip here.


Our Women's Travel Directory has hundreds of women-friendly tours, retreats, small ships and safe places to stay. We invite you to consider women-friendly companies like Intent on Africa, Wheel the World, Aurora Africa, Wild Women Expeditions, Helping Hand African Tours and Safaris, Trafalgar Tours and more. Here are some of the special offers for JourneyWoman readers below.


Interested in a luxury safari that shows you the best of the Migration as well as escape the crowds? This April safari ticks all the boxes! Join Intent on Safari for a 10-day trip touring around Tanzania. This tour runs from April 9 - 19, 2024. Read more here.


Join Wheel the World for a life-changing Group Tour experience, where breathtaking natural wonders await your exploration! Begin your journey in captivating Cape Town, where vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and panoramic vistas will leave you spellbound. Witness adorable penguins frolicking along the coast and indulge in heavenly wine tasting amidst lush vineyards. Tour dates starting April 2024. Multiple dates available. Read more here.


Join Aurora Africa founders Susan Wahlen and Annie Birch as they celebrate ten years of curating exciting, life-changing adventures in Tanzania. They'll show you special places and introduce you to wonderful people and, of course, the incredible wildlife and wilderness that’s at the center of a memorable safari in Africa. This tour runs from March 1 - 11, 2024. Read more here.


It’s impossible to prepare for the thrill of seeing the honeyed plains and grasslands of the Serengeti for the first time. On the Tanzania Trek and Safari, join Wild Women Expeditions for an experience that is authentic and all-encompassing from bucket-style safari showers to milking cows with Maasai women, and game drives in search of the elusive big cats. This tour runs from July 28 - August 7, 2024. Read more here.


Experience the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible wildlife of Kenya in Helping Hand African Tours and Safaris' immersive A Taste of Africa journey. This tour offers exciting safaris in the Maasai Mara, a unique cycling adventure in Hell’s Gate National Park, and many opportunities to engage with local communities for an authentic taste of African life. This tour runs from February 6 - 24, 2024. Read more here.


Explore the wilderness of Kenya and Tanzania, crossing the landscapes where thousands of wildebeest make their brave pilgrimage. Navigate lakes in search of resting hippo and savour the spicy flavours of Swahili cuisine – all on this East African adventure of a lifetime with Trafalgar Tours. Tours dates starting November 2023. Multiple dates available. Read more here.

Check Skyscanner for flight costs before you book. Don’t forget to use incognito mode and consider combining a less-expensive flight with train travel where possible. Our Booking Resources page has recommended services from other women and you can share or search women-friendly accommodations and hospitality services in our new Places to Stay section. You can also find solo travel-friendly accommodation options on Expedia and shop all the things we love when we travel on our Amazon page. We also want to remind you how important it is to purchase travel insurance. Check prices on

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