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JourneyWoman July Newsletter: The Joy of Travel

Published 8 months ago • 3 min read

Dear Reader,

Why does travel matter?

There is perhaps no better reason to travel than to learn to trust ourselves. To understand that travel is not only about the destination, but the journey. It's when we embrace the unknown, and let the universe do its thing, that travel becomes magical. The journey within becomes just as important as the place itself – maybe even more so.

Our July issue features women who said 'Hell, yes!' to the unknown and discovered the joy of travel. Women who follow their own path and face the unknown with courage and conviction. Like our new writer, Tanzila Khan, who has been a wheelchair user since birth yet has travelled solo to Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, and Estonia, to name a few. Tanzila says: “I guess travelling on wheels is an expertise I have gained by accepting life’s adventures.” Or Sandra Phinney, who gets stranded in a small, 300-person community in Labrador. Sandra's story shows us the teachings of the Inuktitut word silakKijattisinik, which is about going with the flow in this part of the world, where strangers are no longer strangers after the first Hello. Even my own story, where I expected a spa-like wellness retreat and discovered something far more meaningful – a transformation. Isn't this why we travel? To learn, to connect, to grow, to share our stories as women?

When life offers you opportunities, do you embrace them? When life offers you the unexpected, do you revel in it? When your intuition gives you goosebumps, do you step into the unknown like author Jane Christmas did when she impulsively walked the Camino?

Whether you are just starting to travel, finding your mojo after the pandemic, or a long-time solo traveller, I hope you’ll find inspiration in this issue from women who have walked the same road, felt the same emotions and experienced the same questions. We're here to tell you that whatever you dream, you can do it. You can claim your place in the world and find the joy that you deserve. That's the joy of travel.

With gratitude,

Carolyn Ray, Editor/CEO JourneyWoman

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